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Are you thinking of picking up running as a sport? Maybe you have just started running, and you feel unprepared for what is ahead. Running might sound like an easy activity of putting one foot in front of another and getting into motion, but it is much more than that. Here at, the goal is to give you all the relevant information you need to get started with running. The site is dedicated to content about running as a sport and how to get into races and marathons.  

The Basics of Running

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The team here is passionate about running. Nothing is too basic to be discussed here; as long as it is about running, you can be sure that it has been explained in the most simple language. You will learn how to start running, identify the right running club, and the general benefits of running for your physical and mental health. Since running can be exhausting, there are also tips and tricks on relaxing and re-energizing after a long session of running. Do you know what to wear when going out for a run? Well, all that and more is explored at length here.  

Marathons and Races

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Nothing can ever replace the beautiful feeling of conquering the world through running. Many runners say when they hit momentum, the world momentarily stops. It is even more thrilling when it is a competitive run like in races and marathons. Find out from why you should have running in a marathon on your bucket list. There is a list of benefits that you get when you run long and short races. You also get equipped with tips on how to be adequately prepared for a marathon or race. This is a one-stop place for all you should know about running, marathons, and running clubs. Be part of the community by sharing your experience as a runner. The contact form here is also open if you have questions about running or how to get started.