Why You Should Run a Marathon

If you are just getting started on running, the thought of doing long races or even a marathon can sound quite intimidating. However, there are so many reasons why you should consider running a marathon. Starting might sound like a big challenge, but the benefits outweigh everything.  

Benefits of Running a Marathon

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*For fitness: Training to run for more than 20 miles will boost your endurance. This, in turn, helps strengthen the heart, improve blood circulation, and make muscles stronger. Other than physical fitness, there is a level of relaxation and “runners high” that comes when you run regularly. Many runners have described it as a gush of happiness that comes as they breeze past everyone else.  

*Supporting a good cause: Most marathons are held to support a good cause, such as supporting cancer initiatives, stopping domestic violence, and other good reasons that help humanity.  

*Socializing: Preparing to run a marathon exposes you to many other people who can later become friends. There are teams that are set up to bring people who want to run a marathon together, and you can find a great friend in that team.  

*Gives a sense of accomplishment: Running a marathon is no mean feat. If you successfully complete it, it shows that you have accomplished something that most people have never done. That should be a reason to be proud.  

So, go ahead and register to participate in an upcoming marathon near you. It will unleash a fire inside you that you never knew you had.