Guide to Preparing for Running a Race

Do you have a running race coming up? It could be a long race or a short race. It could also be for competitive purposes or for practice. Whatever the case, you need to be physically and mentally prepared for the race. Being prepared for a marathon starts with proper planning, enough exercise, and sufficient care for the body to recover after each running session.

How to prepare for the big day

contpost11 - Guide to Preparing for Running a Race

*Get enough sleep: While it is normal to be anxious before the race and not want to sleep, you should definitely not stay up late on the night leading to the race. You will be exhausted and have low energy, which will definitely interfere with your results.  

*Know the racecourse: Take time to do some practical research on the racecourse where you will be running. Have dedicated days on your schedule when you practice through the racecourse so that you internalize the terrain.  

*Eat and drink right: Your diet plays a big role in determining your results at a running race. Stay away from alcohol, oily foods, and too much sugar. You should also not overindulge in food as it will make you uncomfortable when you start running.  

*Have the right running gear: Buy your shoes in advance and make sure they fit comfortably. Never start running with new shoes as they might be uncomfortable. You should also wear bright clothing fit for the weather to avoid overheating or feeling cold.  

At the end of it all, remember to have fun. A running race should also be your way of bonding with other runners and challenging yourself to do better.